Gaize production base covers an area of 8000 square meters, and has an advanced production line of intelligent electric windows in the whole industrial chain


    Gaize focuses on intelligent villa skylight and balcony window solutions, focusing on product line and continuous optimization and upgrading of products


    Customized solutions have been provided for 90000+families and 260+large-scale construction projects


    Over the past 12 years, it has been innovating the development of intelligent electric windows and has obtained a number of patented technologies

    Gaize skylight
    Brand of intelligent skylight for villas

    GZGY Industrial Automation Co.,Ltd., jointly invested by Zaojian group and NOKAS group of Italy which is a leader in the development, production, sales and installation of new building materials products.The company set up two factories in Zaozhuang and Shanghai and has 10 more years' manufacturing and exporting experience.


    Professional in produce high-standard roof skylight. Electric Openable skylight, Aluminum alloy motorized window, Residential vertical bifold garage doors, Vertical Sliding Guillotine Window, Retractable Enclosures s...


    One stop customization
    Exclusive intelligent solutions

    Electric Aluminum Window

    GZGY Hydraulic Bi-Folding System opens vertically, allowing smooth, quiet access between environments with just the press of a button. When you see a closed GZG......


    High Grade Electric Skylight

    Roof skylight The skylight opens on a direct, transparent roof mounted lighting roof material. Ceiling skylight: such as light spot setting, lighting cover (Figure 1A); ......


    Electric Sliding Skylight

    Ge-Ze Hydraulic Bi-Folding System opens vertically, allowing smooth, quiet access between environments with just the press of a button. When you see a closed ......


    Sunroom Enclosures Deck Pool Cover

    Retractable Sunroom Enclosures is called Intelligent Sliding Sunroom  One button closing First of all, the biggest feature of mobile sunlight room is folding and m......


    Dome Tent

    GZGY Industrial Automation Co.,Ltd Best Quality Resort bubble tent transparent prefabricated dome houses Factory The 360° Igloo Dome PC bubble house is a characteri......


    Smoke & Heat Vent Skylight

    Smoke exhaust skylight is a kind of ventilation equipment with ventilation, lighting, smoke exhaust and ventilation that can meet the requirements of fire protection and ......


    Motorized Window Opener

    The machines used to open and close windows are called "window openers" or "window openers". They are generally called "window openers" abroad, but most of them are calle......


    Through long-term use verification of many excellent projects
    Customized scheme

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    Build a system level intelligent door and window interactive network for the whole house
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